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Important Memo :: It has come to my attention that a viewer was offended by some published
content here at imalumberjack.com.

The offending content was removed immediately.

The purpose of this site is strictly fun in nature and I was dis-heartened to hear of the
distress caused by something of my creation.

This instance whether solitary or not brings me to the following conclusion: It would be
unreasonable for me to publish content only to be reviewed afterwards and then asked to remove
anything found "offensive". Therefore, I ask of my humble viewers to decide now if you wish
to participate as a subject within these pages.

Should you wish that any embarassing, unflattering, humiliating or just simply disgusting
content that may feature you as a subject be withheld from these pages, I ask you to inform
me of your wishes now and all content will be screened prior to publication.

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Thank you for your patience and your continued cooperation.